Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Majority of the people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's, as well as their families and friends, are unaware of their ailments and it becomes convenient to attribute their actions to their age. Please do not take it casually as Alzheimer's is fast becoming a leading cause of death.

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Senior Homecare

Caregiving is an extremely stressful job and often the family members taking care of their elders need breaks from caregiving in order to stay healthy themselves. Providing Family Respite is a large part of the seniorcare solutions that we have to offer.

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Home Cancer Care

Cancer patients are required to frequently visit hospitals for chemotherapy treatment. Our team of high specialised Oncology teams consists of nurses, technicians, pharmacists, etc. The services consists of oral oncology and IV cancer services. Home chemotherapy leads to huge savings and comfort for the patients.

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Homecare for your Elders – A Preferred Choice

“There is nothing like the comfort of our own home.” This fact is universally accepted and applicable and none more so than in the case of Seniors.

While it is difficult to match a son or a daughter or any family member providing care to their elders at home; changing lifestyles, work pressures, moving away from home for work has led to the breakdown of the traditional support system of the families; This has generated a growing need for professional care for seniors at their homes.

The mounting rigors of everyday life and children increasingly staying away from home, seniors are being left wanting for proper care and companionship.

Need for Homecare

Your parents or grandparents may be feeling lonely because you’ve had to live in another city or country due to your work or business. Your mother may be suffering from serious ailments and may be forgetting her regular medications. Your father may be retired and not be physically active anymore but would be mentally fully alive and needs someone to talk to. Your old family members may have a lot of relatives in town but may not be able to attend social functions like marriages, and birthdays because they need someone to take them to those occasions.  A senior may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia and may be forgetting small things to do at home.  As a daughter you may find it important to monitor your mother’s diet. As a son or a grandson, you may be too busy to look after small chores for your parents or grandparents like maintaining their bank accounts, visiting post offices, or accompanying them to visit the temple or their neighbours or even a doctor.

Improved Quality of Life

These issues can often quickly deteriorate the physical and mental health of your parents or grandparents that further leads to avoidable illnesses and hospitalisations.  One cannot alter the ageing process but Professional Caregiving can certainly bring about great changes in the quality of life of your senior and elderly family members and fill their life with zest and joy. Of course, it gives you peace of mind as well in the realisation that your senior family members are being looked after.

Choosing First Seniors home care gives your elderly loved ones greater freedom to accept the care and removes the mental stigma associated with having been institutionalised.