Good Pain and Bad Pain

Pain as both good and bad. Acute pain which signals tissue injury is considered as good pain or udynia while chronic pain which is obstinate and serves no useful biological process is considered bad pain or maldynia, where pain itself becomes a disease. Both need your simple attention.

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Our Seniorcare Specialists

First Seniors ensures that a strong passion for caring for others is a binding quality in all the caregivers recruited by us. In addition to the non-medical geriatric care training, there is a strong filtering and checking process in place to warrant the credibility of the caregivers we hire.

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Alzhiemer’s & Dementia

Majority of the people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as their families and friends, are unaware of their ailments and it becomes convenient to attribute their actions to their age. Please do not take it casually as Alzheimer’s is fast becoming a leading cause of death.

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Specialised Home Health Care Services

First Seniors brings professional high quality Health Care to your homes as part of our vision on how the healthcare should be dispensed in India in the future. We aim at providing solutions for highly specialised out-of-hospital care in the comfort of your homes. While it is not possible to deliver all treatments at home, the advances in healthcare certainly make it possible to ensure that the patients have the right choices available with them. 

  • Home Nursing – First Seniors specialises in providing a high standard home nursing care. We customize our Nursing Care packages to address various illnesses or conditions of a patient and meet the needs of patients and their family members. Our Nursing care specialists are trained for IV requirements, haemophilia, oncology and pediatrics.
  • Cancer Care – Cancer patients are required to frequently visit hospitals for chemotherapy treatment. Our team of highly specialised Oncology teams consists of nurses, technicians, pharmacists, etc. The service consists of oral oncology and IV cancer services. Home chemotherapy leads to huge savings and comfort for the patients.
  • Home Medications – This addresses the requirements of patients with specialised frequent administration of medication. Our specialists are carefully trained to handle difficult situations and also assist the patients in self-administration of medications and infection control. 
  • Continuous care – First Seniors has inhouse expertise in providing care for
    • patients requiring intensive care who undergo a long recovery process,
    • medically stable patients with regular need for ongoing treatments,
    • patients with degenerative disorders, etc.
    Our specialists are trained to handle neurological diseases, long term ventilation needs,    
    congenital disorders, spinal injuries, etc.
  • Early discharge or admission avoidance – A large number of patients have to go for re-admissions to the hospitals due to failure to manage post-surgical care at home, or due to an infection picked up in the hospital or lack of proper reporting post-discharge from the hospital. Post discharge management in the comfort of your home could avoid these re-admissions easily.