The Homecare Option

Your parents or grandparents may be feeling lonely because you've had to live in another city or country due to your work. Your mother may be suffering from serious ailments and may be forgetting her regular medications. Your father may be retired and not be physically active anymore.

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Our Seniorcare Specialists

First Seniors ensures that a strong passion for caring for others is a binding quality in all the caregivers recruited by us. In addition to the non-medical geriatric care training, there is a strong filtering and checking process in place to warrant the credibility of the caregivers we hire.

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Why Live in Pain

Back and Neck Pain, Arthritis, Sciatica, Chronic Pain,
Joint Pain, Poor Posture,
Sprains & Strains, Osteoporosis’

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Senior Homecare Services

Utmost and respectful care of your loved elders is our top priority. Caring for seniors is a highly specialised activity and we customise solutions for each elderly person based upon their needs, health, family situation, culture, etc. 

We provide comprehensive senior care solutions including;

  • Diet Monitoring & Medicine Management – Nutrition assessment, checking expirations, feeding and medications under supervision, etc.
  • Stimulating Awareness & Intelligent and meaningful Conversations – maintaining the mental awareness and intellectual stimulation of your loved ones by meaningful conversations on a wide spectrum of issues like sports, politics, music, movies, etc.
  • Light Chatter and Companionship – providing general companionship service to seniors. Includes reminiscing family albums, TV serials, and giving them an attentive ear to hear their opinions, monitoring TV usage, etc.
  • Outside Visits – assisting and accompanying to religious places, managing doctor’s appointments, social visits like marriages, shopping, accompanying to lunch/dinner, etc.
  • Reading & Calendar Management – Aid with reading including newspapers, religious texts, managing calendar like birthdays, anniversaries, bills management, etc.
  • Entertainment – providing light in-house entertainment services including playing board games, cards, chess, etc.
  • Senior Communication Solutions – Assist with emailing, online audio and video chats, writing letters, help with all kinds of communications, etc.
  • Airport Tasks – Counselling with pre-departure anxiety for overseas travel, assistance with appropriate shopping and requirements for specific destinations, accompany to the airport, transport arrangements for departures, etc.
  • Family Respite Services – Caregiving is an extremely stressful job and often the family members taking care of their elders need breaks from caregiving in order to stay healthy themselves.
  • Expatriate Services – We have special solutions for elderly overseas expatriates visiting India for holidays or accompanying family members and need homecare.
It is often difficult to predict the needs of your loved seniors and their needs also change as they age further. First Seniors understands this well and our Seniorcare Specialists assess each senior individually customise a care package accordingly.