Care delivered at Home

Caring for seniors is a highly specialised activity and we customise solutions for each elderly person based upon their needs, health, family situation, culture, etc. … Nutrition assessment, checking expiration of medicines and food products, feeding and medications under supervision, organising diets according to medical recommendations.

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Alzheimer's Care

Please do not take it casually as Alzheimer's is fast becoming a leading cause of death. Watchout for the following symptoms in your loved elders;

  • Often forgetting basic things, or misplacing items
  • Rapid decrease in their judgement
  • Difficulty in completing even basic tasks at home

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Our Seniorcare Specialist Care Providers

Our Seniorcare Specialists are the face of our organisation. They are the ones going into your homes and providing professional care. This is, by all means, the most seriously taken issue.

Recruitment & Training

We have stringent recruitment procedures and take utmost care in the selection of our caregivers who are already professionally qualified in various healthcare disciplines. This is followed by thorough senior-homecare training. We have a number of Inhouse Geriatric Experts who have devised a comprehensive training program for our Seniorcare Specialists. Substantial amount of training is devoted to Geriatric Counselling. Our management team devotes a considerable amount of time and resources on this aspect.

First Seniors ensures that a strong passion for caring for others is a binding quality in all the caregivers recruited by us. In addition to the non-medical geriatric care training, there is a strong filtering and checking process in place to warrant the credibility of the caregivers we hire. Our Seniorcare specialists are fully backed by a strong administrative support establishment in place.

We have a strategic partnership with prestigious training institutes in the country and abroad for the continuous training of our caregivers and managers.