Care at your Home

One cannot alter the ageing process but Professional Caregiving can certainly bring about great changes in the quality of life of your senior and elderly family members and fill their life with zest and joy. Of course, it gives you peace of mind as well in the realisation that your senior family members are being looked after.

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Senior Homecare

Diet Monitoring & Medicine Management – Nutrition assessment, checking expiration of medicines and food products, feeding and medications under supervision, organising diets according to medical recommendations, appropriate grocery shopping and menu planning.

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Joint Pains

We at First Seniors, have the expertise to assist you in managing the pain but also help you in complete restoration of movements at all joints. Pain is often accompanied by involuntary protective spasm of muscles which prevents complete range of motion at the joint and regular movements get restricted. This results in stiffness and affects the quality of life.

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Fall Risk Prevention and Alzheimer’s

Fall Risk Prevention and Alzheimer’s

The risk of falling is currently one of the most common threats to the health of seniors all over the World. First Seniors provides unique Fall Risk Assessment.

A variety of factors contribute to this risk, both intrinsic and extrinsic. A momentary lapse of balance can lead to an immediate decrease in the quality of life for seniors with possible physical and psychological manifestations of their fall.

This recurring risk can be controlled through regular professional monitoring and we have among our staff, experts highly trained in fall prevention techniques.
In fact our ‘Fall Assessment’ is the first, one of its kind, holistic assessment of your home and your loved one’s fall risk in that environment.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of Dementia and can lead to extreme memory loss and depletion of intellectual abilities.

Majority of the people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as their families and friends, are unaware of their ailments and it becomes convenient to attribute their actions to their age. Please do not take it casually as Alzheimer’s is fast becoming a leading cause of death.

Watch out for the following symptoms in your loved elders;

  • Often forgetting basic things, or misplacing items
  • Rapid decrease in their judgement
  • Difficulty in completing even basic tasks at home
  • Confusion of time and place
  • Trouble identifying regular and close relationships or images
  • Problems with speech or writing