Seniorcare Specialists

We have stringent recruitment procedures and take utmost care in the selection of our caregivers who are already professionally qualified in various healthcare disciplines. This is followed by thorough senior-homecare training. We have a number of Inhouse Geriatric Experts who have devised a comprehensive training program for our Seniorcare Specialists.

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Homecare Services

Caregiving is an extremely stressful job and often the family members taking care of their elders need breaks from caregiving in order to stay healthy themselves. Providing Family Respite is a large part of the seniorcare solutions that we have to offer.

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Join us for a dignified and honourable career

Caring for someone, especially seniors, can be a highly fulfilling experience

Your chance to work with industry leaders in this exciting new sector.

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Our Specialist’s Profile:

Careful Selection – Apart from the being appropriately qualified, we look for people with passion and aptitude for caring for seniors.

We welcome professionals who specialise in the field of Geriatric Care, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Oncology, Pre/Post Natal Care, Sports Therapy, Naturupathy, etc.

In-House Training – We conduct rigorous inhouse training after recruitment for all the Specialists at all levels and are put under supervision of senior specialists. All training is conducted by internationally experienced and qualified professionals.

Regular Refresher courses – All caregivers are required to go through refresher courses that are conducted inhouse to upgrade the skills of caregivers.